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NZSSA is the professional body for NZ Sterile Services, promoting high quality of service delivery and patient care outcomes, achieved through education and professional representation.

The association's main objectives are:

  • To foster, promote and encourage interest amongst the members of the Association and others in the study of the Sterile Services concept and allied problems, with a view to increasing the efficiency of the service provided by hospitals in New Zealand to patients and the public generally
  • To promote and encourage the implementation and upgrading of principles and practices of sterilisation
  • To encourage the publication of any useful information concerning Sterile Service practices
  • To promote conferences for the consideration of all questions relating to Sterile Services and allied fields.


! Seeking Your Opinion !!!


As part of an initial scoping of the scale of the issue relating to reprocessing of single use medical devices and reusable items not originally intended for medical use, by sterilising services I would like you to share information, confidentially, on what is happening in your hospital.

Have you been asked to, or is your department, reprocessing any of the following:

·         Single use items

·         Reusable items that are homemade or not supplied by a reputable medical supplier and not supplied with a validated set of reprocessing instructions.

·         Items such as screwdrivers or drill bits purchased from a local store e.g Bunnings/Repco, for use in patient procedures.

If you can answer yes to the above can you email me with basic details to: shelagh.thomas@huttvalleydhb.org.nz 

This information is for statistical use and no identifying information (Your name, workplace, individual item) will be included in any resulting information.

I hope you are able to assist in providing a window on this New Zealand issue.

Thank you

Shelagh Thomas

NZSSA President