Welcome to the New Zealand Sterile Science Association

NZSSA is the professional body for NZ Sterile Services, promoting high quality of service delivery and patient care outcomes, achieved through education and professional representation.

The association's main objectives are:

  • To foster, promote and encourage interest amongst the members of the Association and others in the study of the Sterile Services concept and allied problems, with a view to increasing the efficiency of the service provided by hospitals in New Zealand to patients and the public generally
  • To promote and encourage the implementation and upgrading of principles and practices of sterilisation
  • To encourage the publication of any useful information concerning Sterile Service practices
  • To promote conferences for the consideration of all questions relating to Sterile Services and allied fields.



“The week commencing 10th April 2017 is World Sterile Sciences Day.  Put your thinking caps on and celebrate this day with your teams. You can have a CSSD open day for your Hospital Staff, an afternoon tea for your team or celebrate your success on your hospital website. Whatever you do take some pictures and write a few words about what you did and we will put on the website. The executive shall pick a winner to receive a yummy cake for the teams afternoon tea.”

New Zealand  Sterile Sciences Week - 2.docx

Don't forget to send your pictures in on how you spent the week.  Below link shows how some departments spent there special week.

Photos of Celebrating NZSSA day.docx

"For those of our DHB members who belong to the PSA, now is your opportunity to have your say.

The PSA will be going into negotiations with the DHB'S but first are asking their membership what they are looking for going forward.

While salary is always top of the list for some it is important to consider other factors from which you could benefit e.g. salary linked to qualifications and registration.  there has been talk for around 2 years of making the merit step programme more accessible and relevant to technicians but we have still to see this come to fruition.  It is similar to the nurses PDRP in that you get an allowance on top of your salary if you achieve merit step.  I know only of around 4 technicians who have done so.

Please put your ideas forward to your local delegate.  This is your opportunity to push for change"


Shelagh Thomas I Manager I CSSD

Hutt Valley DHB and Wairarapa DHB

DDI        +64 (0) 4   5872745

Mobile +64  0) 278077840